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Summary of February Outfits



Summary of February Outfits


February is over and spring is definitely in the air. The weather in February remained variable. It was snowing, then it warmed up with some pretty sunny days, and then ended with rainy days.


Perhaps you already noticed that I appreciate both comfort, and elegance but also femininity. I love dresses and high heeled shoes. I am inspired by many things like movies, books or just small stuff (e.g. hats) and that is how my fashion stories that I present on the blog arise.


Let me invite you to my January Outfits Summary!

Photos by Robert Bajkowski



Retro Style


Lutowe stylizacje - podsumowanie


Since I can remember, I have had a weakness for hats, but I never had the courage to wear them. The only place where one can wear a hat without getting strange looks, is at the beach.

And one day I thought: hat, why not? I bought it 2 years ago, and every time I put it on I go back in time. Seriously 😉

Do you like retro style? I love it and I feel very retro when I put my hat on. Add gloves, a fur scarf, and retro-inspired shoes and voila – we are in the past!



Moneypenny Style






This post was a tribute to Lois Maxwell, the actress who played the role of Miss Moneypenny for 23 years (14 movies!). If you put all of her scenes together it totals about 30 minutes of screen time. It’s hard to believe that she was so greatly remembered – although she had a small part in the films, her role always spiced up the movie by the underlined romantic tension between her and Bond. For me: the best, the one and only, and uncopiable Miss Moneypenny was Lois Maxwell!


Moneypenny style is for me the personification of a stylish and feminine woman. She proved that a woman doesn’t have to show too much skin to be elegant, and also sexy. Her trade mark was a pearl necklace, sometimes a shawl, and always a dress or a skirt.



Moneypenny Dating Style


Lutowe stylizacje - podsumowanie


A week ago I wrote a post called „Moneypenny Style”, so now you know that Moneypenny style is for me the personification of a stylish and feminine woman, and it’s very close to my heart.

I invited you to my daydream with Moneypenny, who knows that James will pop in to the office in the evening. She decides to get ready just in case, and maybe James will finally take her out to dinner? 😉

Therefore, she puts on a modest little black dress And she still looks very professional as she wears little jewelry.

As she knows that she will not have any time to change after work, she has taken a small evening bag, so that she can quickly transform from a day outfit to an evening outfit by adding a big necklace and a bracelet of big, shiny pearls. A bit of bling-bling will do no harm to anyone, and it’s perfect for a candlelit dinner invitation.



Camouflage Style Dress

Lutowe stylizacje - podsumowanie


When I was a little girl, I dreamed about looking like Marusia (ok, there was also Lidka’s fanclub but much smaller). I realized, not so long ago actually, that I wanted to be like Marusia, not because she was so beautiful, but because I wanted Janek to fall in love with me.

Of course, neither the looks nor the age is appropriate for me to pose as Marusia, but I didn’t care 🙂

Well, unlike the weather I put the colorful camouflage patterned dress on (it was perfect thematically). I made my outfit completely crazy and patchy just to cheer everyone up 🙂



Military style is not close to my heart, but this dress has its charm thanks to its feminine colors. Obviously, I do not recommend to mix so many colors. The green sweater is my DIY and I just wanted to show it off, plus it’s very warm and fits perfectly under the coat. Crazy necklace? Well, I simply couldn’t resist – look at the pictures, this necklace rocks!

Usually I wear this dress in the summer time with flats (nude color) and I do not add any jewelry – patterns are bold and enough is enough.




Stay tuned!



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