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Let me invite you to my outfits summary that appeared on the blog during the first four months of 2018.

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Duffel coat


A duffle coat is in my opinion, a combination of a style and comfort. I have written many times that I like classically cut clothes, because they are a good investment. Such clothes will last for years, and they always look elegant and neat on you. And the neatness in an outfit is a very important thing for me. Besides, my outfit has to be functional, comfortable and good quality.






Modern 1940s style


Modern 1940’s style is my interpretation of 40s fashion. If I could turn back “fashion” time, I would go back to the 40s because I have always loved this style, especially as it relates to the cut of common dresses.

In a nut shell, 1940’s women’s fashion was about creating a certain silhouette: wide padded shoulders, nipped in high waist tops, and A-line skirts that came down to the knee. This was the everyday shape for clothing, from suits to dresses. Even pants had a similar shape. 1940’s fashions were all about the hour glass figure with broad shoulders, tiny waists and full hips. If you were not naturally an hour glass shape, the clothes were designed to help you achieve the look.





How to wear floral dresses all year round


How to wear floral dresses all year round? Is it possible? Of course it is, why not? It is enough to choose appropriate accessories and outerwear.

I would like to show you two dresses from Marie Zélie, both of which have a great fitted shape, wonderful color and exquisite patterns. I feel very comfortable in them, and yet elegant. In other words, the quintessence of femininity! One dress is yellow (in a beautiful golden shade), and the second one is green (my beloved color!).

 Some people say that floral dresses are suitable for young women only. I disagree with that, and I hope to show you that a mature woman can look great in such dresses. They just have to be appropriately styled.






Grey coat combined with neutral tones


A grey coat is a timeless classic! It is elegant, sophisticated and it’s also a shade that draws attention without being too “in your face”, like for example red or pink. If you visit my blog, then you know that I love bright colors. But if I was to get rid of most of my clothes, then I would definitely keep this grey coat and my caramel one. Why? Because they are timeless and versatile classics – it’s enough to change accessories and such classic coats look differently each time.





Denim and plaid


In addition to colors, I also have a weakness for some patterns. Specifically stripes, polka dots and plaid! I also have a weakness for denim, and I realized that I haven’t posted anything with plaid and denim for a long time.

Today’s highlight is my plaid shirt. Look at the contrast of the cuffs – such a small detail always catches my eye! Sometimes such details are the most important, at least for me.





Denim coat


I am presenting a denim coat. I love it! It looks like a long classic denim jacket. It’s always good to have such a classic piece in your closet. In my opinion, denim suits everybody, as it makes any outfit look modern, and it’s said that it makes everyone looking younger 😉




White shirt with caramel and cinnamon


A white shirt is a classic piece. Today, it’s hard for me to believe that in the past, I didn’t like neither white shirts nor white clothes. Fortunately, with age my style has changed, and I started appreciating so called basic clothes. And a white shirt is for me a basic. It matches everything, it’s enough to accessorize it and every time it will look different, depending on what accessory you choose.





Modern retro


The basis of my wardrobe are cloths in classic cuts and basic colors (like: white and navy), and I also add colors, via accessories and different types of clothes, as well as floral dresses. From time to time, I like to buy something that has  retro/vintage style.

I wore such a retro style, floral dress which stole my heart with its color (beautiful peachy orange) and cut. I just couldn’t resist these lovely front buttons!




Fot. Robert Bajkowski




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