Monthly outfits summary

Summary of January outfits



 Summary of January outfits



This is the first post of the monthly series: Style Summary of the Month!

January is over and spring is coming closer. I have to say that the weather this past January was extremely variable. January started very cold and dry (-15 degrees Celsius!), it then started snowing, then it warmed up with some pretty sunny days, and then ended with rain, sleet and sunshine.

What to wear then? During such changes of weather conditions, I always prefer layering my clothes, and I recommend this to you 🙂 I also appreciate both  comfort, and elegance but also femininity.


Let me invite you to my January Style Summary 🙂


Photos by Robert Bajkowski



Little Red Riding Hood – down coat


It was really very sunny and cold that day at -15 degrees Celsius – BEAUTIFUL but FREEZING! On such a day there is nothing better than a long down coat, a “Russian style” cap, and also sunglasses.



Styczniowe stylizacje




Snow White – winter whites


It was still cold at -2 degrees,Celsius and Warsaw was beautifully covered with snow. In such an environment you can be nothing else but Snow White 😉 . Layered cloths was again an excellent idea – I chose mohair and wool jerseys. They are thin but they keep you warm at the same time, and they fit nicely  under your coat. Snow Whites not only love white, but red as well, so it is good to juice up your outfit with  red lipstick. Voila – you are ready to go out and conquer the world!


Styczniowe stylizacje




Powder pink and navy blue

There still was a slight frost, about -2 degrees Celsius. And again I layered my clothes  – my DIY oversize alpaka wool pink sweater played the main role, as it kept me very warm! And as fashion should also be fun, there is always time for joking and fun a la’ Legally Blonde 😉



Styczniowe stylizacje





50 Shades of Grey


This week was a bit colder, about -6 degrees Celsius, so it was a perfect weather for my old, grey sheep coat. And the theme came to my mind just like that 😉 . Everything put itself together in a few shades of grey – a cashmere dress and sweater additionally hug the body nicely.


Styczniowe stylizacje




Stay tuned!


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