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Summary of March and April Outfits



Let me invite you to my March and April Outfits Summary. We have a very cold and rainy Spring this year and my outfits reflect that.

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Pre-Spring in the shades of blue


I like simple clothes that have an interesting detail. Like in today’s outfit – small ruffles on the dress’s sleeves and the coat’s beautiful lining. Sometimes one detail makes a simple thing more interesting and charming.





Gingham shirt


It was very warm, so I decided to wear my denim jacket.

I wore my „uniform”, which means that since I don’t have any business meetings and I am in the „I have nothing to wear” mood, then I simply take the basics out of my closet – the basics being a shirt, jeans or chinos, and a blazer or a cardigan.

Speaking of the basics, I recommend you read my post “7 Rules to build your wardrobe” (here). You can also read about my favorite accessories in my post “Basic accessories in your wardrobe” (here), and “Scarves and neckerchiefs” (here).





Golden pleated midi skirt


Some time ago I bought a golden, pleated midi skirt, and it has been waiting patiently in my closet for its debut.

I paired my golden pleated skirt with a crème silk blouse and a long beige cardigan. I like the combination of such different textures – airy fabrics with a sweater and bold boots. I accessorized my outfit with a delicate pearl chain, a statement golden bracelet and a golden belt. I chose a brown coat which has an interesting cut and a green purse. I like to brighten up my outfits that seem to be toneless with vivid colors, so the outfit is more edgy, and hence I chose burgundy boots and the green purse.





How to look professional and feminine in the office


In my post “Dress for success over 40.” (here) I wrote that you shouldn’t be afraid of some color at work. If you think that a colorful blazer is a bit too bold – like in the post “Red blazer” (here) – then choose colorful accessories. The outfit becomes not only more vivid, but also more feminine. I hope that today’s post will convince you. You may also want to take a look at my post “Chic at work” (here).





Navy blue is my thing


My favourite color is green, but I cannot wear it very often, because it is difficult to find sufficient, appropriate shades, and I am very picky. So practically speaking, my favorite color, that dominates my closet is navy blue.

In my opinion, navy blue is very flattering and suits everyone. This color has its own charm and nobility.





The energy of spring colors


I love Spring for its explosion of lime green and juicy colors of the flowers. In this outfit, I went crazy with some vivid colors: red and blue.

These red pants are also in my post „Red and pink” (here), polka dots scarf in my post „Lady in red” (here), and my long cardigan in my post “Ice blue DIY long cardigan” (here).





One skirt and three looks


I like classic pieces, so I was very happy when some time ago I found this navy blue skirt that is a little bit sporty. I immediately knew that it would match many of my clothes. And this is exactly the art of building your closet which you can read more about in my post “7 Rules to build your wardrobe” (here).






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