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A linen shirt is like an urban safari



In my opinion, a linen shirt is like an urban safari, primarily because the front pockets remind me of safari clothes. I have never been on safari, but if I go, there will definitely be linen and cotton clothes.


This white linen shirt plays the main role. It is perfect for hot days, and thanks to being a mixture of linen and cotton (50/50), it wrinkles less. I don’t like slim fit shirts, so this one which is so called “relaxed fit”, is just perfect for me because it’s well cut for larger breasts.






Green and pale blue with a pop of yellow



Green is my favorite color. I like to match it with different colors, especially with navy or blue. I like such non-obvious combinations.


I usually wear dresses or skirts, but from time to time I am in the mood to wear trousers. If it’s hot, I like to wear cotton chinos.


I love them for their comfort, and because I feel elegant in them, and yet casual at the same time. For me, they are perfect for a smart casual look. I have a weakness for navy blue chinos, but other colors are not bad either.






Maxi shirtdress and how to combine pink and orange



I have written a few times that I love shirtdresses. In my opinion, this type of dress suits almost all body shapes. They can be straight or flared, so every woman can find something appropriate for her.


I rarely wear maxi dresses, but sometimes I find one that steals my heart, and that was the case here. My heart was stolen by its color and pattern.


I like to experiment with colors combinations, so this time I decided to combine pink and orange. I was inspired by this orange belt with the fuchsia buckle.









White floral dress



Short and sweet: the star is a white floral, wrap dress – my favorite cut.This is exactly the type of dress that I love to wear, and in my opinion, it’s the most flattering type of a dress for a silhouette like mine. On the one hand it delicately emphasizes the figure, whilst on the other hand I feel comfy in it because it does not show off my big bust too much.


You don’t need much with such a patterned dress. I added a pair of purple pumps with open toes and a green purse. Because it’s a patterned dress, I decided not to wear a necklace. I only added statement green earrings.







Yellow midi skirt and vichy shirt




A yellow midi skirt and vichy shirt is my interpretation of how to combine yellow and pink, and also how to mix vichy and lace.


I have been looking for a yellow midi skirt, necessarily with slide pockets, for quite a while. I think you know how it is when you really want to have something, and it’s just not available in the shops.


What to do in such a situation? I decided to order a made to measure skirt. I recalled that one of the designers, Justyna Ołtarzewska, has her atelier in my district. Her specialty is the design of wrap and shirt dresses – my two favorite cuts! I also remembered that I saw a beautiful, yellow lace dress in this summer’s collection. So I grabbed my mobile and I ordered this skirt!







Pastel tea dress



Pastels are not exactly my thing because I feel the best in bold colors. But sometimes I wear pastels if I like the cut. And this was the case with this tea dress that I am showing you today.


If I could turn back “fashion” time, I would go back to the 40s because I have always loved this style, especially as it relates to the cut of common dresses. More about fashion in the 40s you can read in my post “Modern 1940s style” (here).

This dress is pale pink with small floral print, blue and raspberry pink. It’s very feminine, light, airy and romantic. It seems to be so common, but I feel like a million bucks when I wear it, and I wear it often.





Photos Robert Bajkowski



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