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Summary of September and October Outfits



Let me invite you to my September and October outfits summary.


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Fall’s first kiss


I choose what I like and what is in my style out of the many fall trends, so I wore clothes that simply hang in my closet. Some of them, like: hoop earrings, boots or a bag, are many years old, and others are a bit newer, although I didn’t buy anything because it was trendy. Some of this Fall’s trends are: hoops, snake pattern, polka dots, sand and camel tones, and gold (it seems like I’ve been in trend for at least the last 20 years;)).





Green, pink and caramel


I wrote a few times that green is my favorite color, but this color is difficult to wear because one may look too pale in it or even pale as a ghost. Of course, everything depends on a shade of green. Like with every color, you have to find a shade that suits you.

What I like about this dress is not only the color and peonies, but most of all its cut. The top part is a wrap which is perfect for a silhouette like mine. Besides, I feel very feminine and joyful in this dress!






Give me some sunshine


It has been raining and raining for the last few weeks! And there is so little needed sunlight, that I have given myself some sunshine. How? Just wear a yellow shawl and carry a rainbow colored umbrella.

So in this simple way, I colored my world which presently is too rainy and gloomy!






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