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Sometimes I have to go to a local grocery store, and I am not in the mood to change. What am I usually wearing at home when the need strikes? Usually it is something comfortable, for example, sweatpants.



Today I want to show you one of my home outfits that I wear during winter, and as it happens, also when I have to leave the house to run local errands. I wear sweatpants and an oversized pullover. I pair it with a long cardigan, that is actually a sweater coat, and a warm, colorful shawl that is targeted to shifting attention away from the pants. I add high heeled ankle shoes and some jewelry to elevate the whole look.


This photoshoot was taken in January, before my short break from blogging. There was no snow and it was quite warm for this time of year. In addition, I didn’t feel so good, so I also decided to show you my home outfit. OK, I did do make up just for this photoshoot because I do not use any makeup at home, but this is only because I didn’t want to scare anyone off;).



Location and jewelry are courtesy of LEWANOWICZ Café and Jewelry at 48 Mokotowska Street in Warsaw.



What do you think about this outfit? Do you ever leave your house in sweatpants? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.



Photos Robert Bajkowski










sweater – Cocomore Boutique

pants – 303 Avenue

sweater coat – Lunia Bonder

ankle shoes – Cafenoir

shawl – Chanel

jewelry – Lewanowicz Jewelry




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