Green coat

I noticed that a lot of people wear black clothes in Autumn and Winter. With me it is the other way around – the shorter…
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Blue and brown

I like colors and I am not afraid of different color combinations. Most often I come up with color compositions myself, and sometimes I am…
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Long jeans

  As you know, my biggest love in the wardrobe is dresses. I even have a separate wardrobe with only dresses in it! But apart…
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Red dress

  Red is one of my favorite colors. Even when I’m not wearing a red garment, I always have my nails and lips red. When…
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A dress with loafers

  Today I am presenting another dress from my favorite Polish brand Marie Zélie, which specializes in very feminine dresses and skirts. I am always…
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Paint my world yellow and blue

    „Paint my world yellow and blue” is a line from a very popular song from my childhood. It’s a beautiful love song full…
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Earth tones love red

  Earth tones cover all shades of brown, and they look great with red. Such a color combination is chic and timeless. Moreover, red nicely…
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Leopard print accessories

  Animal prints are in trend this season, although I have the impression that they have been in trend for a while. Maybe I think…
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My perfect summer dress

    I think that every woman has her favorite summer dress. I have mine as well! I am presenting another of my retro style…
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Pastel tea dress

    Pastels are not exactly my thing because I feel the best in bold colors. But sometimes I wear pastels if I like the…
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Hi! I'm Renata, welcome to my blog where I share my passion for style, beauty and joy of life. I want to show you how to look stylish and classy at 40 and beyond, and how to have some fun! Happy to have you here :)

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