The last days of Summer


Until a few days ago it was very warm and sunny. I have to admit that summer has said goodbye to us this year in a beautiful way. We managed to catch the last summer sun rays in the so-called “golden hour”. This light has some magic in it …

A long time ago, actually until the end of my student days, I loved the boho style, but back then it was called hippie. And then many years of work in a corporate world killed this style in me, so now in the “old age” I am happy to return to what I like the most, i.e. comfort and ease. And if someone says that a mature woman 50+ shouldn’t dress that way, then I say: “It’s your problem” and I do and wear what I want.

Boho style in fashion can be described as an eclectic style, because it combines elements taken from hippie fashion, the freedom of bohemian gypsy and comfortable cuts. The five main principles of the boho style are airy, ethnic, floral, natural and free!

Today I am presenting a “tent” dress in the boho style, but I put a belt on, because with big breasts, such loose dresses do not look so good on the figure. And since the mornings and evenings were already cold, I threw a jacket over the dress.

Boho style is always combined with lots of jewelry. I added a hobo bag and comfortable sporty shoes. Recently, I very rarely wear shoes with heels, and if anything, boots on a comfortable, low post in a cowboy style. By the way, such shoes fit perfectly into the boho style outfit.

And the Autumn has come, so the next blog post will be in the Autumn style.

Fot. Mega Cz.

Dziękuję, że tu jesteś 🙂



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