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The quiet beauty of carnations


The quiet beauty of carnations


Dyskretny urok goździków



March 8th is coming which is Women’s Day in Poland. I don’t like this holiday too much because it springs from communism. But on the other hand, I think that every opportunity is good for celebrating 🙂


My childhood memories in connection with this day are both carnations and stockings. All women were given such presents at work. They were happy with the stockings because it was a product always in short supply. Actually I do not remember any other flowers being available in flower shops except carnations, red or white only, and wrapped in a horrible grey wrapping paper.


I also remember that women used to complain about Women’s Day, but the truth of the matter, is that all of them were better dressed than usual. Same with the men, plus they were ostentatiously playing gentlemen, e.g. they elaborately gave up their seats to women on buses, etc.


Oh boy, how I disliked those poor carnations and all due to communism…until the moment when I discovered that there are so many beautiful colors. They make a great composition with other flowers, and absent the communist connection, they have their own quiet beauty.


Today’s post is my personal tribute to carnations. I have to apologize to you my little flowers, it is not your fault that you were a symbol of communism.


Photos by Robert Bajkowski



Dyskretny urok goździków


Dyskretny urok goździków


Dyskretny urok goździków


Dyskretny urok goździków


Dyskretny urok goździków


Dyskretny urok goździków


Dyskretny urok goździków



I am wearing:

Shirt – Echo Fashion

Trousers – Bielenia MTM

Sweater – Ann Taylor

Coat – CH Carolina Herrera

Shoes – United Nude

Necklace – LEWANOWICZ Jewellery

Bag – Valentino

Belt – Mango



Stay tuned!


Do you like to celebrate Women’s Day? Do you have similar memories to mine? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage or tweet me @RenataDriscoll.



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