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The summary of 2018 fashion posts



I thought that instead of preparing a summary of November and December fashion posts, I would prepare a summary of all 2018 fashion posts.



To begin, I would like to remind everyone, that what I call “fashion posts”, are not really about fashion, but are about my personal fashion style. I would rather tend to describe myself as being a half step behind fashion trends, as I do not follow trends closely, but I do want to know what is more or less going on out there. I take from fashion what I like and what makes me feel good.



My TOP 5 favorite outfits are:

  • “White shirt with caramel and cinnamon” (here)
  • “My perfect summer dress” (here)
  • “Grey coat combined with neutral tones” (here)
  • “Yellow midi skirt and vichy shirt” (here)
  • “Earth tones love red” (here)





The truth is that you can see only a small portion of my personal style here on my blog. You will find more on my Instagram – just click the IG icon in the upper right-hand corner of the blog menu.


As you can see from the above pictures, I love colors and suede shoes. My wardrobe is full of colors, but the clothes match one another. I do not worry that I have nothing to wear – I just open my closet, and I dress according to my intuition or mood. Probably it’s not so visible on these pictures, but believe me that the basis of my wardrobe is navy blue, white and grey, and I build my wardrobe around it. I just like looking neat and according to the occasion.



And to finish, two quotes included in my post “7 rules to build your wardrobe” (here) that appeal to me, and that I always did intuitively (the quotes are from Trish Jett’s book “Forever Chic”:


„…Chic has nothing to do with a closet full of luxury, top designer clothes(…), chic has nothing to do with being wealthy.

Chic is an eclectic combination of expensive and inexpensive, new and old clothes, paired in a way that reflects a woman’s personality, i.e. her style”.



It’s all about feeling good in your own clothes – only then is a woman stylish!



„Putting too much effort causes that a woman doesn’t feel confident. (…) It’s not about the clothes that make a woman stylish – it’s a woman who makes the clothes elegant. It’s all about the way she moves, talks, wears delicate make up, has a great haircut and a good hair color. It’s a combination of details that gives the effect of elegance.



In summary, It is worth listening to yourself and your heart, and to dress in the way you feel like dressing. In this way, you will find your own, unique personal style. On the other hand, is it necessary for everyone to have their own personal style? I don’t know the answer to this question, as it is personal and you have to answer it yourself. But I know one thing for sure – that you are the only person that knows what’s best for you in every aspect of your life.




Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂




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