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The Tatry Mountains




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Today I am inviting you to the Tatry mountains, where I used to spend alot of free time in the past. Actually, I couldn’t imagine not spending at least part of my summer holidays in the Tatry. Perhaps they are not as impressive as the Alps, but for me they are the most beautiful especially in the summer time.


The most popular place in Tatry is Zakopane where “the whole” Warsaw goes – that’s why I don’t go to Zakopane lately 😉 . Besides drinking beer and going to clubs (some people do only this) it’s worth going on some trips.

For example, you can go by cable car from Zakopane to Kasprowy. Then you have a choice – either climb on to Giewont (it’s a bit difficult and a tiring trail), or go down through Orla Perc to Hala Gasienicowa, where it’s purple because of the blossoming sage in August (look at the pictures with the purple flowers). Afterwards, one can go down to Kuźnice, from where you can take a cable car back to Zakopane.


You can also go to Chocholowska or Koscieliska Valley, which are  easier and full of pretty views. You might also see some farmers (some of them dressed in their traditional outfits) in the sheep pastures. You can also sit on a small bench, close to the John the Baptist chapel, on which pope John Paul II used to sit.


In my opinion, the Tatry are beautiful, particularly in the summer time, and the views are unforgettable. Most of the trails are not difficult, even for people who may not be fully prepared.


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