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The types of shoes worth having in your closet



What shoes are worth having in your closet? – That is the question. Well, all of them;), because as we all know, some women have a weakness for shoes.



When you buy shoes it’s good to take into account what your lifestyle is, whether you mostly use a car or public transportation, for what occasions you are going to wear your shoes, and with what: dresses, skirts and/or pants.


I prepared today’s post on the basis of some of my previous blog posts, so you can see how I wear different types of shoes depending upon the season. I am not saying that you should buy as many shoes as I have, but to choose those shoes that you need and want, and can use at many different occasions.



Tall boots


Taking into account that both autumn and winter are quite long in Poland, tall boots are very necessary and useful. They can be flats, wedged or high heeled. I almost always drive a car, and I mostly wear dresses/skirts so my favorite tall boots are suede and high heeled.
















I love all booties with chunky heels as they are so comfortable! Flat booties I usually wear with skinny jeans.













I cannot imagine my closet without sneakers. They are so comfortable and can be worn on so many casual occasions.








Such shoes are very feminine, and they go well both with dresses/skirts and pants, as well as jeans. And they are a must if you work in a professional environment. Well, I love colorful pumps, and it’s always good to have a pair of classic black and nude pumps.











Any shoes can be wedged, and in my opinion wedges are a great option for women who don’t like flats and at the same time are not into pumps.








Loafers are more formal then ballet flats so they are perfect for layered outfits, especially in the autumn and spring. I also wear them with bermudas and oxford button-downs. 









Ballet flats


Ballet flats are perfect both for dresses/skirts and for pants (they look great especially with 7/8 length trousers).








I cannot imagine any summer without sandals! I wear both flat and heeled sandals, especially with chunky heels or wedges (they are very comfortable and you can walk in them all day long). Of course, you can also have some sexy stilettoe sandals for special and elegant occasions.









What do you think about this post? Is it useful for you? What kind of shoes do you have in your closet? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.




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