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The various ways of color blocking





If you visit my blog regularly, you have probably noticed that I love colors! I love to dress colorfully, and I love to combine colors in many different ways. I am not afraid of bold and unusual combinations. Actually in my opinion, there is no such thing as a “bold” combination of colors. It just happens that I am Polish, and in my country, people generally don’t like to stand out, and they often choose black and grey outfits. Perhaps it’s a remnant of communism…I don’t know and I am not going to analyze it because I don’t write about politics.



In my childhood and teenage years, I loved to draw and paint a lot, and I was quite good at it! Perhaps that is why I see the world through the prism of colors, and perhaps also why I find it easy to combine colors. Anyway, I cannot imagine my life without colors, so I thought that it’s worth writing a post about color blocking.



Color blocking in fashion is simply a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit.





How to block colors?



You have different possibilities. You need a color wheel to visualize it properly.




Ready? Ok, look at the graph below that shows some methods of color blocking.






How to dress using color blocking?



  • The best way to style your outfit is to choose simple shapes and cut, and two or more colors, usually in bold and bright shades.


  • It’s better not to use prints and patterns in color blocking (although I do it sometimes;)). The result is a simple and chic, yet visible outfit.


  • Use good quality fabrics.


  • An additional benefit of color blocking, is the fact that you can modify your silhouette by using the darker colors in places that can optically make the body look slimmer, and bright colors in the places you wish to emphasize.



Below, some of my outfits showing different methods of color blocking. Truly speaking, when I take clothes out of my closet, I don’t think of any methodology, I just dress the way I want and the way I feel like dressing on that particular day. I chose some of my previous fashion blog posts particularly for this post, and I classified them to a specific method of color blocking, like the ones shown in the above graph.



Here I combined yellow and navy which is a side-complementary blocking. You can read the whole post here (“Give me some sunshine”).




Here I combined complementary colors:


yellow and violet (the whole post is here – “The colors of autumn leaves”)



and red and blue (here – “The energy of spring colors”).




Here I combined analogous colors:


navy and green (here – “How to style green and navy”)





brown (copper) and green (here – “The colors of autumn leaves”)




and yellow, tangerine, pink and fuchsia (here – “The cute pencil skirt”)




And in the end, monochromatic shades of grey (here – “50 Shades of grey”).






I hope that I have encouraged you to experiment with color blocking. And if not, then at least smile when you see some colorful people on your way 🙂




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