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I am a pretty good observer. I always was, since I was a child. I used to love sitting on a bench and observing people passing by. I was imagining their lives in my head. With age, I learned to “read” people quite well, just from the nonverbal body language. Later it was very useful in my professional career. And in my life.



I have learned one thing in particular – that I should always trust my intuition and first impressions. Unfortunately, sometimes I used to rationalize my feelings, and I used to repeat to myself “you have to give others a chance”. So I dropped the ball a few times. Well, perhaps it had to be this way. Sometimes you have to pay your dues to find the correct distance and to be more careful.


Why am I writing about this? Well, lately I observe more and more mercenary people. It is very sad and distressing. How can someone pretend to like someone else and want to “become friends”, only because a personal relationship with that person may be useful? I am sure that you know what I mean. I am really surprised that all those people think it’s not obvious. Let’s be brutally honest: if it looks like a fish, and it feels like a fish and it smells like a fish, IT’S A FISH!


That is why I am happy that I have my trusted friends for the 20 years since I moved to Warsaw. They have been with me regardless of whether I was poor or wealthy, or single, divorced, or married. True, unpaid friendship that is worth its weight in gold!


I wised up with age and I surrounded myself with trusted and honest people. I don’t like it when some people have a so-called “business proposal” for me, that is actually baloney, and the only beneficiary would be them. Fortunately, their intentions are so very obvious, that I have no reservations refusing. I am only interested in win-win proposals!


I wonder if it was always like this, or the world, or rather human behavior is going downhill? Some people think that everything has its price. Fortunately not everything is for sale, and one must have moral backbone.





  1. Love
  2. Friendship
  3. Respect
  4. Trust
  5. Loyalty
  6. Honesty
  7. Selflessness
  8. Patience
  9. Freedom
  10. Joy
  11. Good manners
  12. Class
  13. Happiness
  14. Wisdom
  15. Youth
  16. Good reputation
  17. Justice
  18. Good memories
  19. Positive attitude
  20. Common sense
  21. Talent
  22. Clean conscience
  23. Long life
  24. Time
  25. Peace in the world


Truly speaking, I could add many more things, but these are the most important to me.


What is your list of things that money can’t buy? Do you often meet mercenary people? Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage



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