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My TOP 7 MUST HAVE clothes


My TOP 7 MUST HAVE clothes



I was inspired to write this post when I packed for my holidays. I looked at all the clothes that I put in the suitcase, and I realized that I can’t make do without them and they are the basis of my closet. They are simply clothes that I like and I feel good in.



  1. White shirt

A timeless classic. It matches with everything i.e. jeans, elegant pants, a pencil skirt or a jeans skirt. It makes the whole look, depending on with what I mix it with and what accessories I add. Here are some of my looks with a white shirt.



TOP 7 MUST HAVE ubrań dla mnie


TOP 7 MUST HAVE ubrań dla mnie




  1. V-neck t-shirts

T-shirts are very important in my closet. I put them under a cardigan or a jacket. My favorite colors are: white, navy blue and striped (also the combination of white and navy blue).



  1. Pants
  • Jeans

I love these pants, and I try to choose soft jeans because they are nicer to wear. If I want to look more elegant, I choose straight and dark navy blue jeans. For everyday use, I choose blue jeans and I like to combine them with a t-shirt and a cardigan or a jacket.



  • Chinos

I love them for their comfort and because I feel elegant in them and yet casual at the same time. They are perfect for me for a smart casual look. I have a weakness for navy blue chinos.




TOP 7 MUST HAVE ubrań dla mnie




  1. Dress


My favorite piece of clothing. I just love it, because I just open my closet, take it out and I have the perfect outfit. My favorite is a wrap dress. It nicely emphasizes the silhouette and at the same time is not tight, and I feel comfy in such a dress.



  1. Jacket

I like wearing layers because I prefer to take something off when I am too warm than to be cold. As a basis I choose a jacket in white, navy blue or striped.


TOP 7 MUST HAVE ubrań dla mnie




  1. Cardigan

I love all the sweaters. A cardigan has a similar role as a jacket, but it’s less formal. It keeps me warm and it fits under every coat. I mostly wear it unbuttoned.



  1. Scarf/shawl

This piece of clothingworks miracles, and is able to spice up every outfit and/or sometimes it’s the central point of an outfit. Besides, it’s enough to change a scarf/shawl and it completelychanges the same outfit.



TOP 7 MUST HAVE ubrań dla mnie


TOP 7 MUST HAVE ubrań dla mnie



The pictures above are from my Instagram so if you want to see more inspirations go to my Instagram account here.




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