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Types of outerwear for all but summer



There are many types of outerwear which one can choose depending on taste and the outside temperature.


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Oki doki, it’s winter time so let’s start with something really warm.





The best choice for really freezing weather is a hooded puffer coat.



Little Red Riding Hood – down coat





If you don’t like puffer coats because they are too sporty for you, then you can choose a sheepskin coat. There are many types of sheepskin coats and in a full variety of colors. Mine is grey and quite old. I wear it seldom, but I keep it because it’s very useful sometimes.



50 Shades of Grey





Topcoats might be long, knee-length, single or double-breasted or wrap. Choose a color that you like, and take into account your work dress code. If your work dress code is rather formal, then choose a topcoat in navy, grey or camel.





Below you can see a classic camel coat styled for winter. Most topcoats are not insulated (if you want such a coat, then use an MTM option), so choose one that is a little bit loose and under which you can wear a few layers, if you want to feel warm. You can also read my post “How to wear camel clothes” (here) and “How to wear layers and look stylish“ (here).




Camel coat and mixed neutrals



The biggest advantage of an un-insulated coat is its versatility, because you can wear it also during the spring and autumn. Below, you can see the same camel coat but in a different, more lightweight styling.


Moneypenny Style


Moneypenny’s dating style



Frenchwomen usually show color in their accessories. The wardrobe consists of about only 15-20% colors. Chosen colors are never random, because their role is to emphasize the neutrals. An exception from neutrals are winter coats in basic colors (red, blue or yellow), and their shades or pastels. Read my post “7 Rules to build your wardrobe” (here).

I love topcoats in bold colors, and you can see this below.



Khaki shirtdress combined with bold colors



How to style green and navy blue



Pink coat




A double-breasted coat is not good for every silhouette. It’s said that women with big breasts should avoid it, because it optically make the chest look even bigger. Though I like double-breasted coats anyway, to look good in them I have them made to measure. Below you can see my 2 MTM double-breasted topcoats. The grey one is insulated.


Snow White – winter whites



Winter pastels



Retro style






I love this type of coat, because it still gives you a polished look but is still less formal.



The colors of autumn leaves



Three colors: white, black and red



A wrap coat might be more sophisticated or artistic. Below you can see an interesting example of such a wrap coat. It has a big collar that converts into a hood. The sleeves are long, with a cut on a side so I can hide my hands in case I forget my gloves.



Powder pink and navy blue



My beloved baby blue





A duffle coat is a very interesting alternative to other outerwear, and in my opinion it is a combination of style and comfort.



Duffle coat




I have written many times that I like classically cut clothes, because they are a good investment. Such clothes will last for years, and they always look elegant and neat on you. And the neatness in an outfit is a very important thing for me. And of course my outfit has to be functional, comfortable and good quality.




Photos Robert Bajkowski



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