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Types of trousers worth having in your closet




This post I dedicate to all women who love trousers. I wear dresses and skirts more often than pants, but I still put on pants occasionally. I have been writing this blog for two years now, and upon review it seems that I  have quite a number of pictures where I am wearing trousers.



I prepared today’s post on the basis of some of my previous blog posts, so you can see how I wear different types of trousers depending upon the season.


I have in my closet jeans, chinos, and cropped pants in different colors and patterns.




I love these pants, and I try to choose soft jeans because they are nicer to wear. If I want to look more elegant, I choose straight and dark navy blue jeans. For everyday use, I choose blue jeans which I like to combine with a t-shirt and a cardigan or jacket.

I have in my closet skinny, straight leg and boyfriend jeans. I don’t have, and I will probably never buy, distressed jeans, because they don’t suit me and I wouldn’t feel good in them. But I do like them on some people.

You can also read my post on “How to wear jeans over 40” (here).


















I love them for their comfort and because I feel elegant in them, and yet casual at the same time. They are perfect for me for a smart casual look. I have a weakness for navy blue chinos, but beige are not bad either.

Chinos are usually 7/8 length. This length shortens your legs and your whole silhouette, so either it doesn’t bother you as in my case, or you put on heeled pumps or wedges.









Cropped pants


I like cropped pants a lot, and I usually choose bright colors or patterns. They are perfect summer pants and they look especially good with chunky heeled sandals.













Woolen pants


I recommend woolen trousers for late autumn and winter. They will keep you warm, they are very comfortable to wear and they look elegant. My favorite ones are grey or light brown.








Other pants


Here you will find pants that don’t suit any of the previous categories. In my case, there are a type of suede pants. Actually they look like suede pants, but in fact they are not suede pants. I have navy pants for summer and woolen grey for winter.


My favorite pants are usually navy. Navy is classy, and as I have already written many times, it is in my opinion better for Slavic skin tone than black, especially around the face. The pants are made of a very airy fabric and are a little bit sporty. Depending on what you combine them with, you can dress them up (like in my pictures) or down – it’s enough to change heels into flats or sneakers, put on a striped top and carry a different purse/tote.





And the grey woolen pants below.





Pictures Robert Bajkowski




What kind of trousers do you have in your closet? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.





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