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Valentine’s Day Looks



Valentine’s Day Looks


Let’s be honest, I am not a big fan of Valentine’s day, although I am not against it either as it is always a great excuse to have a date with your loved one and to dress up. Don’t you think so?

Having said that, the Little Red Dress I showed in my post of January 8th draws a lot of attention, and if you don’t like that too much, there are also other less flamboyant possibilities to dress up nicely for Valentine’s day.


the Little Red Dress looks like this

Stroje na Walentynki


Photos by Lidia Skuza Photography

Outfit ideas



It all depends where and how you are going to spend your date. In my opinion it’s worth choosing something elegant especially if you will be invited to a candle lit dinner 🙂



Outfit no. 1

Romantic white dress


Stroje na Walentynki



I chose a pretty white dress which is elegant and feminine, and white is very romantic for me. I added a black and white pearl necklace to make the whole outfit look more chic, and fuchsia shoes so it is not too boring.



Dress – Marc Cain

Shoes – CH Carolina Herrera

Necklace – Chanel


Outfit no. 2

Pink jacket


Stroje na Walentynki


I love trousers because they are comfy, and even when they are more elegant, still feel casual. I would choose this outfit for an early dinner in a cozy restaurant followed by a movie or drinks. Colorful, comfy and chic at the same time.


Blouse – Simple

Trousers – Hugo Boss

Jacket – CH Carolina Herrera

Shoes – CH Carolina Herrera

Necklace – Chanel




Outfit no. 3

Navy blue dress


Stroje na Walentynki


Modest, navy blue dress that is suitable for many occasions – I just like it very much. I also add an interesting necklace and fuchsia shoes.


Dress – Echo Fashion

Shoes – CH Carolina Herrera

Necklace – Shourouk

Which outfit do you like the most?



Stroje na Walentynki

Photos by my husband




I hope that you have been inspired at least a little bit 🙂

Just use your imagination and take from your closet what you like the most for such occassions, and simply: FEEL HAPPY and BE YOURSELF!


Stay tuned!



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