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What is your learning style?



There are no stupid people, but some of them just don’t know how to study, or they are forced to study in a way that is not appropriate for them, and that is why they are not able to acquire knowledge. I came to this conclusion a long time ago when I heard a colleague’s story.



This colleague was a very good pupil in a primary school. When she went to high school, she had serious problems with studying. She had to repeat the first grade of high school because of her beloved topic, which was the Polish language. Everybody was shocked including her. She had no idea what happened. She described it in a way, that although she was studying hard, she wasn’t simply absorbing it. After many years, she understood what had happened and why.


It was all about the style of learning. She went to a boarding high school conducted by nuns. All girls had to do homework at the same time, after lessons in one big reading room, where they had to be silent and they were not allowed to move too much and interact with one another. In primary school, when she lived with her parents, she used to study by walking around and speaking to herself out loud. So in her case, sitting quietly and not moving was absolutely a bad learning style, and that’ was why she wasn’t able to acquire knowledge.






It’s not a joke. Every person learns in a different way. But not everybody knows that with one simple test, you can find your ideal learning style.


Some time ago, I found a very interesting website about learning styles. The authors of VARK (here) found four ways of learning:

V – visual

A – aural/auditory

R – read/write

K – kinesthetic


As you can see, VARK is the acronym of four words describing different learning styles. But life is more complicated, and there are people who have more than one preference regarding their learning mode, and they are defined as MM, which means  multimodal.


If you want to know what your learning style is, then you can take the VARK test (here). Your test results will show you what is your ideal learning style(s).


In my opinion, it’s worth taking this test to identify your learning style(s) in order to use the the appropriate mode to let you learn easier and more efficiently. Some kids have problems at school, because in most schools (in Poland), they are taught by making them listen, writing and reading. Perhaps it’s enough to change the learning strategies at home, and they will have better learning results and grades.


My colleague’s example shows us that she was forced to use the read/write mode, while in primary school she intuitively was using aural/auditory and kinesthetic modes. Probably she wouldn’t have had problems in high school if she had lived with her parents, where she was able to use her natural learning styles.


I was curious what my learning style, is so I took this test and it came out that my learning style is multimodality (MM). In my VARK score, only one mode is a little bit in the majority (aural/auditory) than the other three, that are almost-equal.



Do you know what is your learning style? Would you have better results in school if you had known what was your learning style?



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