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What NOT to wear at work


What not to wear at work


Let’s start from answering the question “What should I wear to work?” Actually, each of us asks this question five times per week. Everything depends on where you work, and what kind of dress code is obligatory in your work environment.


My observation is that in places where a dress code exists, the employees more or less know how to dress. It’s the worst when there is no dress code. And it is so obvious that a professional image is very important at work. Whether one likes it or not, the first few seconds when you meet someone new, are critical in making a first, and in most instances, final impression.


It’s important to compose your wardrobe of pieces that are timeless, and in which you will always look chic. In my post “Dress for success over 40” (here), you will find my advice on what pieces of clothes to choose to create a professional image. This post is actually useful for any woman regardless of her age!


I have worked in a few corporations in different sectors (consulting, telecommunication, FMCG, media and entertainment), so to make it easier I have subjectively divided work environments into three groups:

  • CB – corporate business
  • B – business
  • C – creative





  1. No stockings

CB – no, unless you wear pants, but then only with covered shoes.

B – yes. I recommend air spray hosiery. Legs will always look neat and nice.

C – absolutely yes. Actually, I have never seen any woman with stockings on in the summer.



  1. Sandals, open-toe shoes and flip-flops


CB – no. Although sling backs might be ok.


B – yes to sandals and open-toe shoes. A few years ago it was a no-no, but has since changed. Just remember to have your feet well pedicured. My recommendation is to choose more covered shoes anyway. Avoid flip flops – such footwear makes flopping noises when you walk. Unfortunately, I see such footwear more and more often in offices.


C – yes. I have the impression that flip-flops are obligatory there 😉



  1. Jeans

CB – no, never.

B – yes, but only on “jeans Friday”. I recommend navy blue jeans.

C – yes, even the colorful ones. But try to add a nice top.



  1. Leggings

Let’s make it clear – leggings are not pants!

CB – no, never.

B – no.

C – yes, but wear them only as a layering piece, with a tunic or a dress.



  1. Shorts


CB – no, never.

B – rather not, but you can try elegant knee-length ones (see my picture below).

C – yes, knee-length.


Jak się nie ubierać do pracy


      6. Mini skirt


CB – no, never.

B – no.

C – rather not, although I’ve seen it a lot 😉



  1. Strappy tops and dresses


CB – yes, but only with a jacket or a sweater.

B – yes to sleeveless pieces in many offices nowadays, but no to strappy.

C – no to strappy clothes, but a lot of women don’t seem to care.



I am curious what are your ways to dress professionally to work? What clothes do you avoid?

Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage.


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