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White shirt and jeans


Biała koszula i jeansy



A white shirt and jeans



Today I am presenting a classic, at least for me – a white shirt and jeans.

In my post, “My TOP 7 MUST HAVE clothes”, I wrote about clothes that I can’t do without (here), amongst others was a white shirt and jeans.



White shirt

A timeless classic. It matches everything i.e. jeans, elegant pants, a pencil skirt or a jeans skirt. It makes the whole look, depending on what I mix it with, and what accessories I add. Here are some of my looks with a white shirt.



I love these pants, and I try to choose soft jeans because they are nicer to wear. If I want to look more elegant, I choose straight and dark navy blue jeans. For everyday use, I choose blue jeans and I like to combine them with a t-shirt, shirt and a cardigan or jacket.


I had these clothes with me on my holidays, and I used them a lot, especially the jeans. I like them for their universality. And as I wrote above, it’s enough to change accessories, and we have a completely different look! In this post I am presenting different necklaces.



What are your classics in your wardrobe? Tell me in the comments here, or on my FB fanpage.



Photos Robert Bajkowski



Biała koszula i jeansy


Biała koszula i jeansy


Biała koszula i jeansy


Biała koszula i jeansy


Biała koszula i jeansy


Biała koszula i jeansy


Biała koszula i jeansy



Location and jewelry courtesy of LEWANOWICZ Café and Jewelry.



I am wearing:

Shirt – Yaya at LIYA Boutique

Jeans – Massimo Dutti

Shoes – Venezia


Sunglasses – DITA Eyewear

Belt – Macaroni Tomato




Stay tuned!




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