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Why 2016 was great?




Today is the one year anniversary of the first post on my blog. I have tears in my eyes. Seriously! I like to summarize things, and this included making plans and setting goals for my blog.





  • Start writing my blog and have at least 10.000 UU and 50.000 views.
  • Meet new, interesting people.
  • Leave my comfort zone: more public speeches, presentations, articles for magazines and open workshops for my clients.



I can announce with pleasure that I realized all my goals!


  • Blog statistics: 20,000 UU and over 120,000 views. I think it’s a great result for a 45 year old debutant 🙂
  • I met so many fantastic people, at different ages, both actually and virtually. I attended so many networking meetings, that I have problems counting them. I also attended a conference for bloggers – a very interesting experience 🙂
  • I left my comfort zone. Actually, my decision to write a blog was nothing but leaving my comfort zone, because I didn’t do it anonymously. Public speeches – done; articles for magazines – done; open workshops – done. Last but not least, my story was published by Burda in a motivational book titled “Perfectly Imperfect”. That was a real comfort zone “violation”. I believe and hope that my story, amongst the stories of 7 other wonderful women, is inspirational and motivating for others.





Most of all I realized, and not for the first time, that it’s worth being myself. Listenening to my intuition, to my heart, and doing everything in accordance with my values and beliefs. If I had analyzed and thought about it too much, on whether I should have started blogging, I would probably never have done it! Because of the fear associated with contemplating doing the “uncomfortable”.J. Some people ask me: “aren’t you worried that some people might laugh at you behind your back?”. Not at all!  Why? Because I always prefer to make people laugh, rather than cry as a result of my actions. INTENTIONS are the most important factor for me, and my intentions are always good, and I believe that my readers can feel this.





  • You are wonderful!
  • It’s time to think about yourself!
  • Try new things and have fun because you have only one life to live!







Dear Readers,

Thank you very much for being here with me. This blog wouldn’t have made sense without you. Thank you for all the comments, the private messages in which you share your problems and worries. Thank you for your trust.

I wish you all the best in 2017. Be happy, and be YOURSELF!




How was 2016 for you? Do you have any special plans for 2017? Tell me in the comments section here, or on my FB fanpage.




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